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4-11 Updates + Announcements


4-11 Updates + Announcements

Aloha members and friends! I know I just sent out our newsletter last week but more things are new and we have to tell you!

First off, we are almost done switching our entire system to Wodify. Please see us to update payment info and sign the new waiver. We will also be requiring everyone to sign in to each class, so if you don’t know how just ask! This system has some great features so check em out!

  • CrossFit Express Class starts this week – for FREE!
  • Program Tips by Coach Mac
  • Childcare Changes
  • Schedule Change on Thursday
  • Nutrition Challenge Updates

CrossFit Express Class starts this week – for FREE!

That’s right! After much demand, we are introducing a new program this week. CrossFit Express is perfect for people who:

  • Want a more cardio/endurance based class
  • Don’t have much time
  • Are not interested in barbell movements
  • Looking for a workout with light weight and lots of body weight movements
  • Looking for an inexpensive gym membership

Classes will be Thursday and Saturday, 6-6:30pm. And since we know you will love it, we are offering the rest of April totally free! After that, membership will only be $65 per month.

See you there!

Program Tips by Coach Mac

This week starts week two of our competition prep training. Last week was our first taste and we all loved it! Here’s a little bit of Coach Mac’s gems of knowledge:

Team workouts are programmed once per week.  Anymore than that at this time would reduce the effectiveness of the training.

The focus will be on Handstands, stress the importance, your athletes will become comfortable on their hands and upside down if they do it regularly.

Push Jerk has switched to Push Press, it is hands down the best exercise for building upper body strength.

If athletes have an established 3 or 5 rep max for the strength work of the day then they are allowed to fail and should be working near failure.  The goal is not to fail, but get as close as possible.  For example, if we are doing 5rm back squat and I did 100 for 5 last week, i should be hitting 5 at 90, 5 at 100, 5 at 105, and continue to attempt more weight as long as I am successful.  If I hit 110 and barely squeak out 5 then I am fine to stop. If the athlete did not establish a 3 or 5 rep max last week then they should not be failing this week when they are finding that rep max.

The whole idea was to set a starting point last week so we have baselines to try and beat, week after week.  Sometimes athletes will beat last weeks numbers, sometimes they wont, but they should be pushing heavy loads regularly.

Essentially week 2 should be as close to failure as possible, and week 3 should be going for broke, if people are not failing weights on week three they are not overreaching and not attempting to push new limits.

It should go without saying that this changes for each athlete, a gross breakdown in form or technique should be when a set is terminated as well…regardless of skill level, and of course if someone is deathly afraid of the weight they shouldn’t be pushed to do more either….mental barriers will pop up before physical ones on newer athletes and thats fine, it just takes time.

I’m sure you (all) know most of this.  I just want to reiterate in regards to the program.  The number one goal is to avoid injuries on the program.  No one is getting better if they are hurt and cant train.  It’s a fine line to walk.

Thanks coach Mac!

Childcare Changes

This week, we change the childcare schedule just a bit. The Wednesday morning slot will be no more. Rather we are moving that slot to Friday at 3:30pm. The schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday – 4:45pm
  • Wednesday – 4:45pm
  • Friday – 9:15am and 3:30pm

Childcare is $5 per child, per class. See a coach for more info and rules.

Schedule Change on Thursdays

With Thursday being a usual rest day for athletes and the new CF Express Class added, Thursday’s schedule will be as follows:

  • 8:00am
  • 9:15am
  • 4:45pm
  • 6:00 (CrossFit Express)
  • 6:30-8 Open Gym

Nutrition Challenge Updates

This week starts our Nutrition Challenge!!! I about to finish off the last of my Dark Chocolate Bar and then it’s sugar free for 8 weeks. I know the beginning will be tough. I might make you guys do extra burpees if I’m super hAngry. But just like a WOD, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And after that tough part, we will feel amazing! Here’s a couple updates for this week as we get goin:

  1. After some debates, RAW honey will be allowed on this challenge. It must be RAW (read the label). And you are only allowed 1 tsp per day. But just remember, as soon as your body tastes sweetness, you delay the process of turning your body into a fat burner, and instead keep your body in sugar burning mode. This will delay your desired outcome, either fat loss or muscle gain.
  2. The max amount of sugar from fruit per day is 30 grams for Women and 45 grams for men. Just to give you some perspective, two cups of sliced bananas is about 36g of sugar! So choose accordingly. **Berries are very low in sugar**

As you have read in the Nutrition Challenge Packet (let me know if you didn’t get the packet!!), we will have weekly extra credit opportunities. You can earn 5 points per day with a cap of 35 points. The cut off for each week is Sunday at 8pm. If you win this week you will get a $25 gift card from Papayas Natural Foods in Kapaa! The homework is:

  1. Try out a new recipe
  2. Post a picture of the dish/snack/drink WITH the recipe.
  3. Tag CrossFit Kapaa (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter)
  4. Hashtag #cfknutritionchallenge

*If you don’t have any social media, email or text the above to Charlotte.

As always make sure to encourage your fellow challengers, share tips, advice, and recipes with them, and be strong! You can do this!

Here is some recommended reading and watching on healthy eating:

  1. How you can fail on the challenge
  2. Eating healthy is not more expensive!
  3. Super fantastic video on what sugar does

We’re super proud of you all for putting in so much work either in nutrition or exercising! We are all in this together and together we can be the fittest gym on the island!!


The CFK Team


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