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April Newsletter


April Newsletter

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Aloha everyone! Hope you guys had a great spring break and are ready for summer! Cory and I had a great time traveling down the West Coast. We visited a lot of other gyms and are ready to bring back some new ideas and events!

Thank you all who came to our 3 events this past weekend, specifically the Adult Easter Egg Hunt! It was such a crack up watching grown men and women scavenge for colorful eggs. Congrats to Tim and Malia who won the Golden Eggs! For sure an annual CFK event!

  • Athlete of the Month – Cherith Elmore
  • Nutrition Challenge Starts 4/11
  • Wodify – Our New System for Everything
  • Competition Training and The Coconut Cup

Athlete of the Month – Cherith Elmore

Congrats to Cherith, our resident preggo CrossFitter! She is about 8 months pregnant now and is seriously my hero. She has been CrossFitting with before getting pregnant but she has not slowed down in spirit! Even though she must modify almost all the exercises, she gives 100% to everything she does. She always comes with TWO other children in tow, a smile on her face and a positive attitude. I look forward to seeing what she can really do once the baby comes, I know she’s ready;)

Here’s a little more about our lovely Cherith:

How I was introduced to CrossFit: My husband, Chase, encouraged me to join about a year ago. He thought it would be a good fit for me. I was super intimidated after having watched online videos of these incredibly ripped women lifting but reluctantly decided to check it out. I started my CrossFit journey on April 6 last year in the Foundations Course and have really enjoyed it since. It’s been the first time in my fitness endeavours that I just want to have a healthy lifestyle not working towards a goal or event. I wanted to be a good role model for my kids and just show them that fitness is a part of life not an ‘extra’ thing to try and fit in when convenient.

If I never had to do this one exercise ever again, I would be stoked: Handstand push-ups and wall walks!

If I had to makeup my own WOD, it would be: Something with deadlifts, farmer carries, Russian twists, and/or kettle bell swings.

Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, hobbies, etc): I’ve been blessed to have been a stay at home mom now for 4yrs to 2.75 children; ages 3.5, 2 and our new daughter soon to arrive mid May.  Wife to my supportive and stud of a husband, Chase. B.C (before children) I switched careers from baseline pharmaceutical management to massage therapy.  I loved it! I chose a school that included a cadaver lab, which was awesome! I definitely have plans on pursuing this again when the kids are a bit older.  I enjoy having some craft/creativity time, long uninterrupted naps, quiet bathroom breaks and a clean house…oh wait, when does that happen!

My proudest accomplishment is (doesn’t have to be CF related): Finally being able to stop comparing myself to others.  There is no one perfect way to be a good mom.  Each situation is unique. Each mom has different challenges, different skills and abilities and certainly different children.  What matters is that a mom loves her children deeply and teaches them the value of integrity, discipline, and strength of character.

My favorite cheat meal/food is: Salads….ok, that’s not true….I thought I would help those going thru the Nutrition Challenge. **Will power will be required while reading the next part***You have been warned!!!**

Ummm, can I say everything right now! Seriously unfair question. I guess my main weakness is good Mexican food. I’m talkin spicy, smothered green chili burritos people stuffed with rice, beans, meat, peppers, cheese…and pie/cobbler.

What is your favorite song to workout to (or in your case – dance to)? I have very eclectic tastes. I like music from classical to rock and yes, even country (blame it on my Texas roots).  Workout songs have to be something upbeat….I like Thousand Foot Crutch’s songs Move, Falls Apart, and Masquerade.

What I love about CFK is: The encouraging community. CrossFit is a spicy sweaty mess but at least we’re all doing it together. No one is out to see you fail; but, are quick with a high five and “awesome job” as you are trying to peel yourself off the floor.

Something you might not know about me is: This past Christmas I was overjoyed at receiving a rotary sander and skill saw. I have great plans on pursuing all my 1K+ pins saved on Pinterest. I’m a huge movie fanatic. I love witty humor.  Finally, I enjoy getting together with friends sharing life, laughter, wine and a crazy fun board game!

WODIFY – our new system for EVERYTHING!

Members: You may have gotten an email from Wodify giving you a username and password. This is us! We are transitioning over to a new system that includes billing, workout posting and tracking, event and class sign up, and nutrition tracking. This program is pretty awesome and specifically made for CrossFit gyms. We will be especially using it to track our nutrition challenge for the next 8 weeks. They’ve got an app too, so make sure to download it for your convenience!

If you didn’t get an email, please let a coach know. I would really like to get everyone in Wodify by April 15th – which includes signing the waiver, inputting a payment form and getting to know Wodify a little! Please don’t make me stalk you!!!

Nutrition Challenge start 4/11


The Challengers from Friday night’s launch meeting

Next Monday starts the beginning of our 8 week Nutrition Challenge! If you came to the meeting, good job! And big thank you to Nicolette of Foto Pop who did some great before shots.

This 8 week challenge’s main goal is to teach you how to eat, what to eat and what different food does to your body. The main focus will be on eliminating unnecessary sugars from our diet. In addition to becoming leaner and feeling better, you’ll make good habits and break the bad ones for a more long term healthy diet. No one wants to yo-yo back and forth through fad diets and different body types.

With this challenge, you can win points for eating right, exercising and doing some extra credit things like stretching and getting outdoors. Winners each week will receive prizes from different local businesses like Work It Out, Papayas, a 90 minute massage and more! The grand prize for the biggest transformation is 2 months of FREE CrossFit Kapaa! The cost is $50.

If you have already signed up, be sure to get your 3 things done before 4/8: 1) Take before pictures (Eli will be coming on Wednesday after morning classes to take pics) 2) Take measurements and 3) Do your Benchmark WOD.

This challenge is open to not just CFK Members, everyone is welcome! Call us or come on in to learn more and get signed up!

Competition Training starts this week!


We’ve got big events coming soon and the main one is The Coconut Cup! This is a 2 person, same-sex, team CrossFit Competition coming June 18th, hosted by yours truly. The entire comp’s drive will be raising money for the Boy’s and Girls Club of Kauai. With so many children on this island benefiting from their services, we are honored to help this fantastic organization. We are hoping to make this a huge community event with great WOD’s, great prizes and a inspiring show.

Mac O’neill has designed us a competition specific exercise program. Each day will build off the last, and each week will build off the previous. The science to it will make you stronger and faster. So be sure to get here as much as possible. This volume can get intense so make sure you come to class ready and fuel yourself smart!

Even if your not competing, this program will still be great for GPP (general physical preparedness). Paired with the nutrition challenge, I guarantee you will be shocked at the results.

Also don’t forget to follow The Coconut Cup on social media for details and news! On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Website coming soon!

Well that ends April’s Newsletter and we hope you got some good stuff from it! Cory and I are pumped after coming back from vacation and are fired up to provide you all with top of the line services in health and fitness!

Mahalo for your support and hard work!

Charlotte, Cory, David, Travis and Sancho

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