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August Newsletter


August Newsletter

Aloha CFK friends! Wow, can you believe it’s August? Months are going quick but in a good way.  It’s been a busy summer and we’re still going strong. First off, I wanna congratulate a lot of you guys for being so persistent in your training for the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run. I know not so many people are fans of running, so seeing you guys show up on Wednesdays for our running intervals is a huge encouragement. I’ve been hearing so many of you saying you’ve never run this far a distance before or been able to continuously run without stopping. So awesome!!

Here’s what coming up:

  • Renovation Schedule
  • August Athlete of the Month – Mandi Panui
  • New Billing and Workout tracking system
  • Garden Island Box Wars 8/20
  • Group Beginners Course coming in August 29

Gym Renovations and Next Week Schedule 


First things first: Please be aware that this coming week, we are replacing our concrete floors with new, stronger concrete and installing lifting platforms. So the gym will be closed. However, we are offering destination workouts for everyone. Free to all, these classes will be fun and doable for any fitness level. Some workouts will be partner WOD’s and we encourage you to bring your friends and family! Here’s the schedule and locations:

• 8/6 Saturday – 9AM at Kealia Beach (NORTH end)  

• 8/8 Monday – 8AM, 4:45PM and 6:00PM at Kealia Beach (SOUTH end) 

• 8/9 Tuesday – 8AM, 6:00PM at Kapaa Boat Harbor 

• 8/10 Wednesday – 8AM, 4:45PM and 6:00PM at Kapaa Boat Harbor  

• 8/11 Thursday – 8AM, 6:00PM Kapaa Soccer Field  

• 8/12 Friday – 8AM, 6:00PM  Kapaa Soccer Field  

• 8/13 Saturday – 9AM at Lydgate Beach Park  

August Athlete of the Month – Mandi Panui 

Mandi Panui

Congrats to Mandi for earning the title of August Athlete of the Month! It’s no surprise why she is chosen – she’s made such fast progress lately, like theres this new fire under your butt (come to find out that fire is getting as much working out as possible while her kids aren’t in after school programs!)! Although she is a natural athlete she puts in the hard work and the results are showing. On top of that she is one of the most humble people I’ve met. She is a supportive mom, wife and friend and we are honored to have her in our CrossFit family! Learn more about her below (read till the end… crazy story!)

1) How I was introduced to CrossFit:

My friend from another box was doing Crossfit and thought I would enjoy it. I was looking for something that offered childcare so that both Kaili and I could try to get back into “shape” to get back to jiu-jitsu.

2) If I never had to do this one exercise ever again, I would be stoked:

That’s a hard question. That’s something about Crossfit. One day I absolutely dislike a movement and then the next week I get a little excited about doing that same movement. WEIRD. Maybe Thrusters…those are always brutal.

3) If I had to makeup my own WOD, it would be:

  • 200m Buy in
  • 5 Rounds:
  • 15 Double Unders
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 5 Hang Cleans
  • 200m Buy out

4) Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, hobbies, etc)

Registered Nurse. Married to Kaili for almost 6 years. Two boys, Kaleb 6 yrs old and Kholten 2 yrs old. My hobbies now revolve around our boys hobbies and Crossfit of course!

5) My proudest accomplishment is (doesn’t have to be CF related): 

In life I would have to say letting go of longtime friendships that were leading me down the wrong path, attending college solely on scholarships, and then graduating Nursing School with honors.

In Crossfit I would say stringing double unders together.

6) My favorite cheat meal/food when is:

Fried calamari or wonton

7) What is your favorite song to workout to?

Anything upbeat. Depending on the workout.

8) What I love about CFK is: 

Everything. The coaches are so encouraging. There is no judging and the only competition is against yourself. Everyone treats each other like family. Honestly a whole year passed before Kaili and I actually walked into CFK to sign up. We were too scared to be the “newbies”. Totally regretted waiting that long because it was definitely not the case. Everyone is always helping and pushing each other. I am blessed that CFK opened their doors and all it has done for our family.

9) Something you might not know about me is:

I needed an emergency C-section with my first born due to him being in distress and his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. In the operating room my spinal block went too far up all the way to my eyebrows and I couldn’t feel my breathing. I had to be intubated. Both Kaili and I didn’t get the witness the birth. 6 weeks later I had to return to the same hospital floor for work.

New Billing and Workout Tracking System – Zen Planner

Unfortunately, we tend to learn the hard way here at CrossFit Kapaa… we tried out a billing system called Wodify and after a string of problems we had to break it off. So we recently changed over again to a new system called Zen Planner. This new system will be used for our back end (billing, reporting, etc) and for you guys, your workout tracking. 

You can log into your member profile here.

We have sent out some emails but here are a couple links to videos we made on how to use the new system:

Adding payment Account

Reserving Classes

Edit Profile Info

Workout Logging

iPhone Zen Planner App

Garden Island Box Wars Competition 

Garden Island Box wars

CrossFit High Impact is hosting there first CrossFit competition for individuals on August 20th! Lets go support them and showcase your abilities! This is guaranteed to be an exciting event with divisions for Rx Men and Women, Scaled Men and Women and Teens.

Sign Up here!

Group Beginners Course starting August 29 

We will be holding our next Beginners Course for new peeps on Monday August 29th – September 9. The course will be 5 sessions, at 7-8pm on the following dates:

  • Monday 8/29
  • Wednesday 8/31
  • Friday 9/2
  • Wednesday 9/7
  • Friday 9/9

This course is for anyone who is interested in CrossFit. The course covers the fundamentals of the movements we use in CrossFit, with the primary focus on form and technique to keep you SAFE! Each class is about 1 hour long and includes a warm up, skill work, a workout and cool down. Our coaches are there to make sure you are set up for success to be fit for life! The cost is $85 per person. To sign up, click here.

That’s all for this months newsletter!

Until next time!

Charlotte, Cory, David, Travis, JR,  and Sancho


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