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Saturday 7/30/16

Warm up Animal Style, 1 Lap each across room: Bear Crawl Inch Worm Duck Walk Leapfrog Spiderman Crawl Crab Walk   WOD With a partner,...
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Friday 7/29/16

Warm up “Beat It” Jump Squat Version 2x: 20 Walking Lunges 15 Light Wall Balls 10 Pull Ups   Strength Front Rack Bulgarian Split Squat...
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Tuesday 7/26/16

Warm up Junkyard Dog Warm Up Hip/Shoulder Mobility   Strength Build to heaviest set of: 2 Hang Power Clean 1 Push Press 1 Push Jerk...
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Friday 7/22/16

Warm-Up Dynamic Stretching – Focus on Lower Body 10 KB Swings 10 KB Push Press 10 Around the World 10 Figure 8’s 10 KB Swings...
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Wednesday 7/20/16

Warm-Up Dynamic Hamstring and Ankle Stretches Review Pose Running Method Partner Banded Drills -Jogging -High Knees -Butt Kicks   WOD 10K Training 2-miles at easy...
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