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Friday 5-13-16


Friday 5-13-16

Shoulder Taps
• 2xMax Effort
• Shoulder Taps Demo
• If your ME is less than 10 or if your form fails, perform sets of 20 against the
• Light hands, push through your shoulders, your elbows should come straight out
to the side and you should stay in the same place on the floor.
HS Walk
• 2xMax Effort

Front Squat
• 3 Rep Max for Day
• 1×3@95% of 3RM
• 1×3@90% of 3RM
• Try to Add 5-10 pounds to last weeks 3RM

5 Rounds for Max Load of the Complex (try to increase load each round):
1 Cluster + 2 Thruster + 3 Lunges Each Leg + 3 Front Squat

Thoracic Spine Barbell Stretch
• 3×0:30
• Lay on your stomach with your legs together, knees straight and toes pointed.
Arms are shoulder width apart holding onto a barbell above you. Actively push
down on your shoulders concentrating on getting your armpits to the ground
below you. You’ll have to experiment with the appropriate barbell height.

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