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June Newsletter


June Newsletter

Aloha Members and Friends! This year is moving fast, I can’t believe it’s June already! But I’m so excited for the summer months. Lots of sun and a ton of beach days. Speaking of beach days, stayed tuned for lots of beach and outdoor WOD’s this summer. The the weather hopefully clearing up, we are going to make up for the last few beach WOD’s cancelled with even sicker events planned.

Also, congrats to JR who just passed his Level 1 CrossFit Certification Course! Keep an eye out for his teaching schedule and we can’t wait to learn some new stuff from him. Oh and make sure to address his as Coach from now on too:)

  • Athlete of the Month: Chase Elmore
  • Teachers and DOE Summer Special
  • Nutrition Challenge Over!
  • The Coconut Cup Competition

Athlete of the Month: Chase Elmore

 chase elmore

This month goes to our other Elmore, Chase! Chase is might be the quiet, humble type, but we all can see the fire in his eyes (especially when he’s lifting!). This guy has set a tremendous example with his participation in the recent Nutrition Challenge and coming in up to 4x/week, even with a full-time job and a wife and 3 kids (with his youngest being only a couple weeks old!). And his work is paying off, he’s shedding the pounds and raining PR’s! We’re so proud of Chase!

How I was introduced to CrossFit: About 5 years ago I used to be really overweight, like 350 lbs, and after watching my Dad suffer from diabetes I decided to get healthy. So I lost about 150 lbs over the course of a year through some extreme diet. After I lost the weight, I was looking for a way to keep the weight off. I started at the gym, and eventually got introduced to Crossfit through a friend who was starting a new box. I went for about 6 months before we moved to Hawaii, and then didn’t get back into it until April 2015.  

If I never had to do one this one exercise ever again, I would be stoked: Thrusters… Worst. Exercise. Ever.

If I had to makeup my own WOD, it would be:

  • AMRAP – 15 Minutes
  • 400m Run
  • 6 Snatches (95/65)
  • 4 Deadlift (225/155)
  • 15 Sit-ups
  • 10 Kettlebell Swings

Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, hobbies, etc) I’m a busy guy. In the good way. Between my life at home with my awesome wife and amazing kids, my career in sales, and my dorky hobbies (avid movie nerd, non-fiction books – like 5-10 a month, learning random trivia/skills, etc.) I keep busy. You may think I’m kind of quiet, but I’m not really. I literally talk all day… every day. Ask my wife (I drive her crazy some days with my inability to zip it). I’m a public speaker and a salesman, so I talk, talk, talk so much at work that by the time I’m done I don’t have many words left. Really though, my family comes first. My goal is to spend as much time with my wife and kids as is possible. That’s why we moved to Hawaii. I used to run a medium sized company back in Colorado, but I worked crazy hours, like 80+ a week. After my son was born I promised my wife I’d dial it back, so I gave it all up, and went back into sales. Now I work 30 hours a week and spend tons of time with the family. Life is great! 

My proudest accomplishment is (doesn’t have to be CF related): I asked my wife to marry me after dating for only 5 weeks. She said “No, you haven’t gotten my father’s permission” (she’s old fashioned that way, and/or I freaked her out). Then her dad said “NO WAY, and don’t even bring it up again for 6 months.” Six months later to the day, I went back, asked again, got permission from Dad, set the day to marry Cherith 3 months later (we knew each other for less than a year before we got married), and officially married the most giving, generous, amazing person on planet earth. 

My favorite cheat meal/food is: Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownies. Or… Triple layer chocolate cake. Or Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate chunks. There is no such thing as too much chocolate.

What is your favorite song/music to workout to? Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Muse… This is power lifting music.

What I love about CFK is:  Someone else is planning it. I’m Mr. Routine if I plan things. I once ate the same breakfast everyday for 3 years before I realized it (this is not a joke). I like that it’s different every time. 

Something you might not know about me is:I play bass guitar. I’m a ping pong champion. I love the ocean, but don’t really like to get in that often (weird). I’ve seen 1000 movies (maybe more actually). I trained to be a screenwriter and can figure out and ruin the plot of any movie we’re watching together. I’ve read 500+ books. 

Teachers and DOE Summer Special

Until August 31st, we are running a summer special to thank all our teachers and education professionals for all their time and effort given to our community. So tell all your teacher friends that it’s time to TREAT YO’SELF!

Personal Beginners Course: $100 (usually $120) 

Beginners Course + 1 Month CrossFit: $190 (usually $235) 

Nutrition Challenge Over:(

I know! It’s so sad! Now we have to eat sugar…. No but in a seriousness, it’s time to get back to reality for most of us. And that means having the occasional cheat meal. Now we just know where to get back to if our body feels funky.

Once everyone gets their after pictures and their measurements taken, as well as doing your benchmark WOD, we’ll announce the winner of the 2 months free CrossFit!! So make sure you talk to a coach about doing the above things. We really can’t wait to see all your progress!

The Coconut Cup Competition

It’s just around the corner! 13 days to be exact. This team competition is helping raise money for The Boys and Girls Club. Make sure to sign up ahead of time – registration closes June 16.

Competition is on June 18th.  Each team consists of 2 partners – same sex. There are 4 divisions:

  • Men’s RX
  • Women’s RX
  • Men’s Scaled
  • Women’s Scaled

Athletes must arrive at 8am to register. We’re stoked to have Physical Therapists on hand for the athletes as well as specators. We’ve also got DJ Mike Lopez, MC Cory “Milla” and Nana’s Snack Shack Food Truck!

To sign up go to:

For workout and event details, go to

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Charlotte (639-5752 or

Floor will be fixed very soon!

Finally, were so excited to finally get our floor fixed up! As you guys know, there is a ton of “personality” to our floor. After all the heavy weights you guys lift, our 1950’s concrete slab just could not hold up. So sometime around beginning of July, we will be fixing the floor! Unfortunately, that does mean we have to close for a week. However, we will have destination workouts at beaches, parks, pools, mountains and everywhere in between! So stayed tuned for more details. And if anyone would like to offer a helping hand during that time, be it concrete work, helping move equipment, or clean up, well, we would just shower you with hugs and kisses.

That is all for this month’s newsletter! Until next month…

Charlotte, Cory, David, Travis JR!!! and Sancho


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