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March Newsletter


March Newsletter

Well its been a long month for us at CrossFit Kapa’a, in a satisfying, can’t believe its done, thank GOD it’s done, kinda way. We have remodeled the front room to something amazing. We had the help of member, friend and talented interior designer, Cheri Hubler. She took our vision and led us to the feel we were trying to create. If you want to talk to her about designer something of yours, find her business card at the gym! We would also like to thank the people who came by and put in time and energy to help us build, decorate, paint and clean. Thanks to JR, Grace, Ross, Katryna, Johnny, Kristy, and Reese. It takes a village to run this huge extended family we have! Cory and I are leaving on a trip soon and we are feeling so blessed and happy to do the things we do for the people we know.

This Month’s Newsletter entails…

  • Remodel Done!!
  • Athlete of the Month – George Vaught
  • Schedule Changes – Open gym, barbell club, mobility, beach WOD
  • Judging the CrossFit Games Open
  • Meet your guest Coaches
  • New swag and products!

Introducing… CrossFit Kapaa Lounge!


CrossFit_Kapaa_LoungeWe are SO happy to announce that the front room, The Lounge, is now open! We have toiled over this room for months now, along with a ton of you awesome helpers, and we are so happy to open the doors today! There are a few details still in the works so bear with us as things start fully come together. From now on, a few new things will happen in this new spot:

  • You will enter here! No more going through a mysterious, side gate. Walk right from the parking lot inside the double door and the door with the CFK logo!
  • Childcare will happen in here. Now the kids get a indoor play area with AC, Netflix, and a sweet kid-size tiki hut! (Childcare for NEW KIDS will cost $5 effective today)
  • You will check in for classes here. On the counter on the way into the gym, you’ll see an iPad where you can choose your name from a pull down menu and then click the class you are attending.
  • You can chill out, mobilize, stretch, read books, watch movies, stock up on CFK swag, store you shoes and gear in your own cubby, or just beat the heat with AC!
  • (Please be respectful of this new spot and treat it as your own. If you bring children here, please no food or drinks and dispose of diapers outside of the gym. Please refresh yourself on the childcare rules. Located in the toy drawer.)

Pretty much this room was created to give you guys a place you can feel relaxed and at home. When you come into workout, we know for most of you this is a outlet, your therapy, your break. So we want you to walk in here feeling good, always giving you options to better yourself every time you walk in.

Athlete of the Month: George Vaught


So a couple weeks ago while farting around on Facebook, I came across a picture of our member George on a trip to Maui, where he had his shirt off. And what do you know, he had a full on 6-pack! I remember when George started and a goal of his to trim down and look good. Well, I think all who know him have seen a huge transformation. He has put in the work, listened to his body, come to class and now he’s reaping the benefits. Along with his determination and hard work, he always brings a smile to your face. Whether he’s the only guy in the often ladies only morning classes or he’s getting down to his favorite rap song mid-WOD, you just won’t leave without a smile after working out with George!

Congrats George!

How I was introduced to CrossFit: I was introduced to crossfit by coach Corey while at work. Everyone was off to the crossfit games on Oahu. While coming through the airport, I just happened to ask what crossfit was all about and the next thing I knew, I was at crossfit kapaa foundations course 2 weeks later.

If I never had to do this one exercise ever again, I would be stoked: If I never had to do snatches ever again, that would be wonderful although  I am working on overcoming my dislike for them.

If I had to makeup my own WOD, it would be: My WOD of choice would be “The Seven”: 7 hand stand push-ups, 7 thrusters , 7 knees to elbows , 7 deadlifts, 7burpees , 7kb swings and 7 pull ups (20-30 min amrap)

Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, hobbies, etc): I am 24 and I currently live in Kapaa. I love being outdoors hiking, swimming and fishing. One of my favorite things (besides working out at CFK) is  playing street hockey in Kapaa on Wednesday nights. I work full time at Lihue Airport as Transportation Security Officer and I enjoy my 3 day weekends to the fullest.

My proudest accomplishment is (doesn’t have to be CF related): One of my proudest moments was moving to Kauai not knowing anything about the island or knowing anyone. My proudest CFK moment was doing my first ever muscle up!!!

My favorite cheat meal is: Philly cheese steaks

What is your favorite song to workout to (or in your case – dance to)? My favorite music to work out to is anything by Skrillex and I always gotta dance to rap, preferably Drake😎

What I love most about CFK is: the positive motivational atmosphere and the fact that every time I am there, it feels like my family away from home.

Something you might not know about me is: that I actually love to sing in the shower and do karaoke.

Schedule Changes for the month of March

Since Cory and I will be out of town for most of March, there will be a few changes to the schedule:

  • Mobility Classes on Wednesday and Thursday on pause
  • Barbell Club will be on pause as well, but there will be Open Gym on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • There will be NO Beach WOD this Saturday, the workout however will still be at the gym at 9am.
  • St. Patricks Day is on Thursday March 17th! Make sure you wear green or else you do 25 burpees AND we pinch you!

Judging and Submitting Scores for the Open

The open is upon us and so far this first workout has been a DOOZY! Hopefully the 20 minute workouts are done. Thanks everyone for working with our small space to get those walking lunges in. We’ll see what @thedavecastro throws at us going forward. Any predictions?

Don’t forget: Each WOD is announced Thursday at 3pm Hawaii Time (however that changes to 2pm on 3/17 due to Daylight Savings Time)

And remember to submit your scores! You must do so by the following Monday at 3pm (or 2pm after DLS time change)

If you want to have a specific time to have your workout scored by a approved judge, please talk to a coach or call us to arrange it. We cannot always guaruntee one during a scheduled class.

Meet your Guest Coaches!

While Cory and I are away, you have the pleasure of getting to work with new coaches. Different coaches are a way to learn different skills (or the same) in a different way. I’ve had many instances where I hear something from a new coach in just their own cues  and styles and something clicks! While we as your regular coaches get to know you and visa versa, this new coach may see something we have not! Here’s a quick bio on them:

Kai Lawrence has been an athlete and avid fitness enthusiast his entire life.  He played football in high school, and later played D-1 collegiate rugby.  He was an ISSA Certified personal trainer from 2007 to 2009, and was introduced to CrossFit in 2007 while training for rugby.  In 2009, Kai began training and coaching at Dogtown CrossFit in LA.  He received his L-1 Certification in 2009 at University of California San Diego.  As a competitive CrossFitter, Kai was a member of the Dogtown team competing in the 2011 SoCal CrossFit Reginals, finishing the competition in 5th place.  In 2012, Kai was a co-founder and owner of CrossFit HI on Kauai.  He has completed the Donny Shankle Oly Certification in 2014 and the CrossFit Mobility Certification in 2015.  Kai stays connected to the fitness community by teaching CrossFit at various gyms and by coaching Special Olympics Powerlifting here on Kauai.”

Travis Akasaki – I’m a local boy, born and raised on Kauai and a father of three children.  I was introduced to Crossfit in 2012 and the challenges it provided inspired me to complete my Level 1 certification in 2013.   I have been a Crossfit coach ever since.  Over the years, I’ve received certifications in both Gymnastics and Mobility.  Most recently, I’ve worked with a weight lifting trainer in an effort to build strength and increase my own performance, as well a better understanding to help others with the lifts as well.  Coaching allows me to create an atmosphere of success for others through proper techniques and positive goal outcomes.

Dusty didn’t provide me a bio so I’m writing one for him…Muahahaha

Dusty Psaila used to be one of those anti-CrossFit weirdos, always trying to be coaxed into trying out a WOD by his awesome big sister. He knew he could never amount to the successful CrossFit athlete she had become, so he never tried. Then his friend opened Kilauea CrossFit and he then decided to give it a shot, now that he could not worry about trying to compete with Charlotte. Contrary to popular opinion, he do not take steroids, he’s just really, really good looking. He is 20 years old and has received both his Level One CF Cert and CF Weightlifting Cert. In his spare time, he thinks of all the reasons he loves his sister. If you need your car detailed, call him!

New shirts, products and sale items!

That’s right! Along with a new chill spot, we’ve got some awesome new shirts for both the girls and guys. New supplements just in, we also are selling WOD Repair Lotion. This company offers care for your hands which need it before and after all the pull ups and bar work we do. Ever rip your calluses? Do your hands get really dry from all the chalk? How’s those wrists after the false grip work we have been doing? Well, this stuff will help all that. There are products for preWOD care and then for those unfortunate times you do rip your hands. We also have some older style shirts on sale so check out our stock and get the latest swag!

We look forward to seeing you over the next few days before we leave! If you are still reading this, we are holding an impromptu BBQ potluck tonight (Monday) at 7pm, after classes. Come say see ya later before we leave on our vacation!

Aloha, much love and happy health to all,

Charlotte, Cory, David, Travis and Sancho


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