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Monday 4-18-16


Monday 4-18-16

Moving forward with this competitors training in addition to those on the Nutrition Challenge, this week will be hard. You might have scanned down to the WOD today and thought “More Thrusters?!?!”

This is the last HEAVY week before we deload for a week. So it will be normal to feel slightly beatdown. Make sure to eat, stretch, sleep and destress often. There is an end in sight. Just work hard and be patient.

Be good about nutrition while you will be working really hard during classes. If you are feeling tired, eat more. If you feel fantastic, make the best of it and push those workouts! But always make sure your eating enough. Have some protein and carbs before and after workouts so your muscles have something to fuel and rebuild them. If you don’t eat enough around your workouts, your body will just start breaking down your muscles for energy. And we want to keep those hard-earned muscles!

**A note on WOD’s: The strength portion is meant to push heavy loads. Everyones doing great on that part. PR’s all over the place! The WOD’s however, we want to move FAST. So scaling appropriately is key. That is relative to each athlete, but our goal for these workouts are under 10 minutes. An occasional 12 minute WOD is okay but past that, you are most likely going too heavy. Move fast, do the full movement, NO BRO REPS:)



  • Back Squat
    • 5 Rep Max for Day
    • 2×5@95% of 5RM
    • Try to Add 5-10 pounds to last weeks 5RM


  • 5 Rounds
    • 10 Thrusters – 135/95
    • 10 Box Jump Overs


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