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Monday 5-2-16


Monday 5-2-16

This week is back to business. We are going heavy again. I would recommend going heavy as your safely able to in the strength portion, and going relatively light and fast in the WOD. Pay close attention to the skills and work hard to get in perfect form. We will be around of stuff upside down and practicing towards handstand walking! Make sure to stay for the stretching and accessory work after the WOD and implement some extra mobility where you can. This next phase will be a lot of shoulders. So give them attention and stretch A LOT. I would like everyone to put in least 1 minute hanging on the bar or rings, totaly disengaged. This will just decompress and stretch those shoulders and spine.

Shoulder Shrug

    • 3×15
    • Begin in the perfect handstand shape that we have been practicing with fully extended shoulders. Let yourself sink down approximately 3″ or as low as your shoulders allow WITHOUT caving forward and allowing a shoulder angle. Then extend fully upward again working to maximize your height on the wall. Extend your toes toward the ceiling the entire time and keep your shoulders on the wall if your flexibility allows (which at this point it better).

Shoulder Shrugs from The Outlaw Way on Vimeo.


Back Squat

  • 3 Rep Max for Day (DO NOT FAIL)
  • 2×3@90% of 3RM
  • Try to Add 5-10 pounds to best 5RM


  • 5 Rounds:
    • 3 – Front Squats (No racks) 205/145
    • 5 – Handstand Push Ups


PVC Shoulder Raises

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