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Monday 5-23-16


Monday 5-23-16

Teachers and DOE Summer Special!

  • Personal Beginners Course – $100 (usually $120)
  • Course + 1 Month CF – $190 (usually $235)

Call 639-5752 or email

Don’t forget – Check out the Events announced last week and sign up for The Coconut Cup here!

We are looking for volunteers and judges for this competition too! Talk to Charlotte or Cory if your interested.

Yoga has started! Every Thursday at 7-8am and Sunday 9:30-10:45am

Today starts Deload Week – aka nice and light. We are all pretty beat up and sore so take advantage of this time to come in and get a nice recovery workout, light barbells and lots of cardio!

Shoulder Shrug
• 3×15
• Shoulder Shrug Demo Video
• Begin in the perfect handstand shape that we have been practicing with fully
extended shoulders. Let yourself sink down approximately 3″ or as low as your
shoulders allow WITHOUT caving forward and allowing a shoulder angle. Then
extend fully upward again working to maximize your height on the wall. Extend
your toes toward the ceiling the entire time and keep your shoulders on the wall if
your flexibility allows (which at this point it better).

Back Squat
• 1×3@75% of best 3RM
• 2×3@65% of best 3RM

5 Rounds:
10 – Wall Balls
10 – Lunges Each Leg

PVC Shoulder Raises
• 3×12
• Work on getting higher and higher with each rep.
• PVC Shoulder Raises Demo

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