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Nutrition Challenge Winner and Results


Nutrition Challenge Winner and Results

Congratulations CrossFit Kapaa for undertaking the recent 8-week Nutrition Challenge! What did we do?

(Scroll down to see the winner and our gyms results!)

We spent a total of 8 weeks educating ourselves about what OUR individual bodies can eat and drink. First, we focused on removing the typical trigger foods – sugar, starchy carbs/gluten, alcohol, dairy,  and all processed foods. We focused on eating real, clean food. We learned WHY these foods are damaging to the body, what the chemical and digestive process is when the bad foods enter our system, and what foods to replace it with.

Before the challenge, each person took measurements and weighed in, did a benchmark workout to retest afterwards, and took before pictures. Then we re-did everything after the challenge.

Each person could accumulate points for eating right, exercising, stretching, eating local and more. Each week, we had different “Extra Credit” homework where challengers could earn some extra points. We posted all the information in an exclusive Facebook group.

  • Week 1 – Clean Recipes
  • Week 2 – Healthy/Clean options at Resturants/Take out
  • Week 3 – How you grow your own food
  • Week 4 – Research an ingredient foreign to you found in processed foods (i.e. Xanthum Gum, Maltodextrin)
  • Week 5 – Healthy Hacks (Cauliflower Rice instead of white rice)
  • Week 6 – Research Supplements
  • Week 7 – Reintroducing Trigger Foods and Your Reaction
  • Week 8 – How you felt about this challenge

Each week the person with the most points won prizes from local businesses like Kauai Juice Co, Papayas, Rising Sun Organic Farms, Work It Out, Java Kai, Kauai Power Yoga and Massages! The overall winner wins 2 MONTHS FREE CROSSFIT! And that winner is……

Kaili Panui!

Kaili, with the help of his amazing wife/chef Mandi, made the biggest transformation! Kaili is a fuel truck driver which made it very convenient to pop into a gas station store and grab highly-processed junk foods. Fast-food, local lunch plates and high-sugar processed foods were the norm. But after this challenge, he learned how to eat to give his body what it needs and live optimally! For that reason he has had the following results:

  • Lost 18.40 inches from his hips, waist, chest, biceps, and thighs combined
  • Lost 19.8 pounds
  • Shaved over 2 minutes off his benchmark workout
  • Earned 2715 Points

Check out what Kaili had to say about the challenge:

“Going into this nutrition challenge my goal was ONLY to win. After week #2 I realized that winning the challenge wasn’t really my goal at all. Everyday was a challenge. Some days easier and others real hard. I absolutely hated the taste of coconut (except fresh coconut water) and now I eat/drink some kind of coconut product daily. I honestly think that I could not have reached week #8 if it was not for Mandi prepping/cooking every meal. We have discovered so many good recipes. Maybe next time around there will be an easier way to get approved prepared meals for those that don’t have a personal chef hahaha.

I’m so glad that we have committed to this challenge. It has improved my performance in crossfit, allowed me to shed pounds, challenge my mind, and over all learn about my body. I know we will continue this life style with cheats here and there with our kids. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to prove to ourselves that it can be done.”

Congrats Kaili! We’re so proud of you!

But lets not stop there! Check out all the results from our Challenge (For confidentiality reasons, we are not sending out all the before and after pictures. I’ve sent out pictures individually, if they choose to share them):

Congrats to all who participated!

If you have 5 minutes, please take this short survey. We will offer this challenge again and would love your feedback on how to make it better!

In health and fitness,
The Team at CFK

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