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Saturday 5-7-16 Free 9am, CF Express Class 6pm


Saturday 5-7-16 Free 9am, CF Express Class 6pm

Two Classes today! Both taught by the awesome JR! 9-10AM free CrossFit Bootcamp and 6-6:30PM CF Express Class

CFExpress Class is only $65/month for 2x/week or $35/month for 1x/week. And the first class is always free. No CF experience required. This 30 minutes cardio class uses only light weight or bodyweight. Includes a warm up, stretching and cool down. Perfect for endurance athletes, a beginner or busy people just needing a quick burner!


Grab a partner, only one person works at a time unless specified. The other must be in the designated hold.

  • 100 High Jumps/Jump Rope Singles/Double Unders (resting partner holds Plank)
  • 90 Walking Lunges (resting partner holds plate overhead)
  • 80 Kettlebell Swings (resting partner holds bar hang)
  • 70 Med Ball Sit Ups with partner
  • 60 Plank Up Downs (make sure to alternate leading arm) (resting partner holds side plank)
  • 50 Push Ups (resting partner holds squat)
  • 400m Farmer Carry (alternate when desired)
  • 30 Wall Balls (resting partner holds superman)
  • 20 Slam Balls to Partner
  • 10 Burpee Box Jump Alternating


CF Express WOD

  • 15 minute AMRAP
    • 15 Knee Ups
    • 15 Slam Balls
    • 15 Jumping Lunges (can do walking lunges to scale)
    • 200m Run

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