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Thursday 4-21-16


Thursday 4-21-16


  • Tabata Arch Rocks
  • Fight to keep your knees straight, toes pointed, and legs together.  Your arms should stay by your ears the entire time.  The more flexible your shoulders become the easier the exercise will be.


  • Hang Clean Knee
    • 3 Rep Max for Day
    • 2×3@95% of 3RM
    • Try to Add 5-10 pounds to last weeks 3RM


  • 21-15-9:
    • Double KB/DB Hang Clean 45-55/25-35
    • Pull Ups
  • *EMOM 3 Burpees


  • Pike to Hollow Inch Worms

    • 3×30′
    • Begin in a toe-touch position, keeping your feet still walk your hands out to a hands and feet hollow hold position. Pause in the hollow then keep your hands still and walk your feet in. Work on stretching your hamstrings and also quickly finding the hollow body shape.

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