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Thursday 5-12-16


Thursday 5-12-16

Handstand T-in, T-Out, pause at each position.
• 10 Reps
• T-In/T-Out Demo
• This week we will begin to work on kicking up to a handstand and initiating
forward momentum. Begin with your arms by your ears in the straight body
position that we have been practicing. Lunge forward on one leg while reaching
forward with your hands. At the same time, kick your second leg upward to the
handstand. Focus on maintaining a straight line from your fingertips to your toe
while kicking up to the handstand. Your body should pass through a letter “T”
shape as you kick into the handstand. Try to stop at the handstand hold, however
if you have too much forward momentum and need to take a step or two on your
hands thats okay.

• 3 Rep Max for Day
• 1×3@95% of 3RM
• 1×3@90% of 3RM
• Try to Add 5 pounds to last weeks 3RM

AMRAP in 12:00
5 – Strict Pull Up (weighted if can)
3 – Deadlift 315/275
5 – BB Row 155/115
5 – Strict Toes to Bar (Use weight if can, light medball works well)

Pike to Hollow Inch Worms
• 3×30′
• Begin in a toe-touch position, keeping your feet still walk your hands out to a
hands and feet hollow hold position. Pause in the hollow then keep your hands
still and walk your feet in. Work on stretching your hamstrings and also quickly
finding the hollow body shape.

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