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Tuesday 4-19-16


Tuesday 4-19-16


  • Tabata Hollow Rocks
    • If cannot do hollow rocks, do hollow holds
    • Lumbar spine stays on floor the entire time, stop and rest if your lumbar spine loses contact with the floor, head is held neutral (do not bury chin in chest) and arms are stretched backward covering your ears so that there is no shoulder angle. The goal is to have a long hollow body shape. We will be doing all of this gymnastics work with 12 year old Romanian Gymnast form– straight knees, pointed toes, squeezing your glutes as much as possible.


  • Hang Snatch Knee
    • 3 Rep Max for Day
    • 2×3@95% of 3RM
    • Try to Add 5-10 pounds to last weeks 3RM


  • 15 Minute AMRAP:  Teams Of Two
    • 5 – Snatch Grip Deadlift 185/135 (Maintain proper back angle)
    • 5 – Barbell Row 135/95
    • 5 (Each Arm) – Alternating KB/DB Snatch 53/35
    • 5 – Strict Pull Ups

*Partner A runs 200m while Partner B performs the AMRAP, when Partner A finishes Run they switch and Partner A begins the AMRAP where Partner B left off.  Score is total rounds and reps.


  • Couch Stretch
    • 3×0:30 Each Leg
    • Work towards a flat back against the wall

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