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Wednesday 7/13/16


Wednesday 7/13/16

Warm Up

Farmer Carry WALK 200m

Jog 200m – Easy Pace

Run 200m – Moderate Pace

Skip 200m


Dynamic Stretching

Toy Soldiers

Hacky Sacks

Butt Kicks

High Knees

Side Balance Jumps



5K AND 10K Training:

  • 6x (100m at mod pace, 300m at mod/fast pace, 200 at fast pace) w/ no rest b/t reps and 3min rest b/t sets

Total: 3600m


Cool Down

IT Band Stretches

Roll Feet with Lacrosse Ball

AB Challenge (optional)

60 Sit Ups

75 Crunches

40 Leg Raises

50s Plank

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